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Vintage picture of the Disney Character VIP’s. Look at Donald’s eyes! 

Vintage picture of the Disney Character VIP’s. Look at Donald’s eyes! 

A Blast from the Past: Entertainment Training

Entertainment training week was… in a word… a workout.

But it was definitely full of surprises, fun, a lot of hard work…. and MAGIC! (of course!)

My training group was phenomenal! We formed such a great bond with each other in that short week. It was great that we were not all College Program kids….. there was definitely a variety of statuses and ages!

Tommy, Frankie, Erin and I were the four CPs. All four of us had extended our Programs from the Fall. I met Tommy at auditions, and actually saw him quite a bit at work at Cosmic Ray’s. He worked merchandise in Tomorrowland, so I often saw him in the Tomorrowland break room. Frankie had been an attractions host at Animal Kingdom, at Kilimanjaro Safaris. Erin had worked attractions in Magic Kingdom on the Jungle Cruise!

Tracy, Carissa and Josh were newly-hired Cast Members. All were full-time, I believe, and had skill codes high enough to be trained in shows and/or parades. None of them knew whether or not they would be trained in parades, but all performers go through character training regardless. Tracy, Carissa and Josh were three of the nicest people I ever met. They were truly wonderful people with great personalities, and I am so happy to have had the pleasure of being able to get to know them.

The last two in our group were Jennifer and Dulce. Jennifer was a mom who had worked attractions at Epcot at Mission Space, and decided to give Entertainment a try. She was a bundle of fun, and always gave us something to laugh about. Then there was Dulce. Oh, Dulce. What a sweetheart. She had actually worked as a character performer years back, and left the Company to work at Universal. She decided to make her way back to Disney, but had to go through training again.

Through all of our group activities and lunches together, we really connected well with each other. But at the end of the week, it was time to say “see ya real soon” to each other. We had all made it through the tough process together, and it was time for each of us to go out on our own into the world of characters.

On my shelf: Vintage Disney cartoons film reel 

Epcot World Showcase - Mexican Donald Duck

Epcot World Showcase - Mexican Donald Duck